About Us

Nyansa Learning Corporation

Who We Are

Nyansa Learning Corporation is a dynamic group of experienced educators who provide in-home behavior intervention services for children with autism and related developmental disabilities and their families. Our team is comprised of behavior analysts from various backgrounds including, psychology, counseling, and education.


What We Do

Nyansa Learning Corporation Behavior Intervention Program provides services to children ages 6 months to twelve years of age.

We believe all children should be provided with the tools necessary to succeed. With our support, caregivers and children with special needs acquire the building blocks to facilitate development and progress in areas of need. As typically developing children learn through play,  Nyansa’s program consists of play-based interactions enmeshed with current Applied Behavior Analytic strategies as well as more discrete intervention programs.

Through the use of techniques such as Discrete Trial Teaching, Natural Environment Teaching, and Parent Training, we facilitate improvement in the ares of cognitive development, gross and fine motor development, social and emotional development, functional communication and self help/daily living skills. Using evidence-based practices steeped in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, we help build better futures for our kids and their families. We aspire to maintain positive and productive interactions during sessions, aiming always to teach in the least restricted manner.

We are dedicated to the improvement of socially significant  behaviors of our clients, believing that we can assist families in achieving measurable advances in their quality of life.

We provide services throughout Orange County, California and surrounding areas.



Founded in 2004, NLC was created by individuals that strongly believed that the success of an ABA program could only be obtained through the workings of a passionate, knowledgeable and caring team coming together.  NLC has since developed a reputation as a company that provides a high quality of service to our clients and their families. Behavior Analytic principles are applied with care, and sensitivity. Beginning as an Early Intervention service provider, NLC grew as clients’ needs evolved and both parents and funding sources encouraged expanding the practice to include services for older children. We are always learning from our families, our clients, and one another. We are a strong team of practitioners who share the responsibility of every client collectively, collaborating with families and one another in order to best serve the Orange County community.


Orange County Regional Center – www.rcocdd.com